Hey Hey It’s Saturday

Fact: We love our work!
Every single day we get to work with great people on uber cool design projects across so many different industries – and we’re forever grateful for these ongoing opportunities! There’s no better feeling than taking a call from a prospective client who’s been referred to us by someone we have previously worked with – offering the simple advice of “you need to ring Spike” …
Such was the case, when we were contacted by the legendary crew at Hey Hey It’s Saturday to design their 50th Birthday Logo and website as part of their 50-Year celebrations – and it was an absolute honour working closely with Daryl and his team to bring it to life – especially as Hey Hey was such an integral part of many Aussies’ weekly ritual: get up, play footy, go home, have dinner, watch Red Faces, go out … REPEAT.
Right down to the famous coloured phone and endless props scattered around his office – it was both surreal and a privilege translating his hyper-coloured vision across into the digital medium and a special shout out to Dee McNamara and Carly Lethborg at Huddle Marketing and Design for their outstanding help delivering a cracking website loaded with over 800 episodes of absolute Hey Hey Aussie Gold!
Feel Free to check it out – https://heyhey.tv/


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